Improving professional identity thru Cutton Garments and UP ISSI

Manila, Philippines September 2015- Cutton Garments, a leading provider of work and team uniforms to businesses, organizations and institutions thoughout the Philippines and ASEAN, is pleased to announce partnership with University of the Philippines Institute of Small Scale Industries.

Both Cutton Garments and UP ISSI are commited to empower and improve our workforce and businessmen through our hollistic approach through our products and services.


  • Create an attractive business image. Society tends to judge people by how they think, act and serve not to mention how they dress and who makes it.
  • Employees in Cutton Garments uniform and employees who trained in UP Diliman increase their ability to their jobs.
  • Courtesy and Respect. We believe that employees in Cutton Garments Uniform are more courteous and they gain respect as well for they portray professionalism not only in looks but also in service.
  • Wearing excellence with clothes and service can sow the difference
  • Cutting edge training from UP and appropriate Cutton Garments are more likely to understand their jobs more thoroughly.
  • Foster team spirit. Honor and excellence as UP calls it. Social responsibility as Cutton Garments does it.
  • Employee benefit. Manpower resource will be drawn to apply in your company.
  • Promote company pride. Sense of pride and responsibility

About Cutton Garments, a multi awarded Philippine leader in the supply and servicing uniforms, workwear and protective clothing.

About University of the Philippines Institute of Small Scale Industry, a center for professional training and development in Asia, promoting the improvement of small and medium enterprises in the Philippines



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