Polo Shirt

 These polo shirts are made with a soft easy-care 100% cotton honeycomb fabric. Light, wrinkle-resistant, and perfect for your budget. Relaxed fit, spit tail. All items can be embroidered with facility logo or credentials for a professional look. If your budget is tight, 70 cotton/ 30% polyester version are also available at cheaper price.

Prices are all in Philippine Peso

  • Classic Cotton Poloshirt

The Fabric is made of Super Combed TC blend. It has combed cotton for absorbency. The polyester fibers gives the fabric superior durability and makes it dimensionally stable.

Fabrics are direct dyed to lower cost. This means that you should wash light colors separately from dark colors to prevent staining.

  • Classic Lacoste Poloshirt

This is our budget but very popular range range. It’s low price makes it very attractive. Generally recommended for gifts, indoor promotional wear, factory uniform and general usage. It is generally hotter and least sweat absorbant  because of its high polyester content, therefore not so suitable for outdoor or sporting events. Does not shrink, go out of shape and crumple resistant.

  • Premium Honeycomb

This is our premium lacoste range, specially knitted extra thick to provide a luxurius and high quality feel. Its high cotton content makes it sweat absorbant, soft and comfortable. The small amount of polyster mix adds body and character to the T-shirt making it drape well. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Shrinkage – approximately 7%. This is also our preferred choice, with many satisfied customers.

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