Making our Communities a Better Place

Being the only Garments Manufacturer of Uniforms who care to our local communities, Our philanthropic support is a core part of our community involvement efforts. Financial and in-kind donations are essential in helping nonprofit organizations sustain programs and meet their missions.

We connect our philanthropic support to both our mission of enriching and nourishing lives and to our expertise. Nutrition and health and wellness are priorities in our thousands of food service locations. Helping people find meaningful work is also a focus for us.

We are committed to making a meaningful impact by:

  • Helping People Succeed through Education and Employment
    Supporting skill development and training to enable low-income youth and adults to achieve economic independence and support their families.
  • Empowering People To Lead Healthier Lives
    Impacting community health and wellness by helping children and families choose nutritious foods and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Approximately 75 percent of our philanthropic resources are dedicated to addressing these issues. We contribute approximately Php50,000 annually to nonprofit organizations through the Cutton Garments Charitable Fund, corporate contributions and our businesses.

Most of our giving is in the Manila. and focused in key cities, like Roxas Oriental Mindoro. We invest in organizations that we can build strategic and long-term partnerships with – organizations that have expertise with proven programs and can also drive innovative new programs. We support the Children’s Health Center of Roxas’s Nutrition Month Initiative and local DSWD, other organizations dedicated to a strong, vibrant city.


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