T Shirts

All knits are not created equal and our specialists are experts in understanding and handling the different characteristics of diverse knit fabrications. We are equally adapted in producing styles of relaxed casual comfort and smart refined feel. From 100% pure cotton, combed cotton, 70 cotton/ 30% polyester to 40 cotton/60% polyester can be very appropriate depending on your need.

  • Polycotton

CVC  fabric is a result of polyester and cotton blending in the certain proportion. Interwoven CVC fabrics are characterized by enlarged percentage of cotton yarn that provides better hygienic properties  in comparison with TC fabrics and better strength characteristics in comparison with 100% cotton fabrics. Also they guarantee low shrinkage, high color-fastness and perfect durability. CVC fabrics are needed for hospital use and for producing medical clothes, shirts and sleepwear. All CVC fabrics are recommended for workwear, uniforms and corporate clothes for all kind of industries.

Polycotton Price list for Plain T shirt

  • 100% Cotton and Combed Cotton

Natural composition of cotton fabric provides excellent hygienic properties and perfect air exchange. Cotton fabric is comfortable and practical, warm and antiallergenic. It has good air-exchange and hygroscopic properties. This kind of uniform fabric is often used with WR (water resistance), OP (oil proof), flame retardant (FR) and antistatic finishings. It often finds its application in producing wear with high hygienic requirements and clothing for protection against low temperatures.

For Combed Cotton, it is an extremely soft version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. As a general rule, combed cotton is slightly more expensive than conventional cotton.

Cotton fabric is recommended for summer and winter uniform, industrial wear, flame retardant wear, all kinds of corporate clothing and workwear.

  • Long Sleeves Shirt

These long sleeves shirts are the comfortable, durable and functional choice of law enforcement, military, construction, field worker and fire professionals. Ideal for both on and off-duty wear. There’s a high-performance long sleeves for every mission and activity. With easy-care fabrics and several colors from which to choose, you can wear the shirt that best fits your daily plans and climate.

  1. joey m. aguillon

    order po sana ako assorted color, s.m,l,sizes
    personalized, magkano po per pc? pag 50pcs? tnx

  2. To all who worked on my order and especially Fherdie who took such diligence to get the quality poloshirt on time a big thank you.

    I absolutely delighted with the excellent the whole order from excellent products, wonderful fabric and perfect effort to meet the deadline

    One delighted customer who will recommend you to all friends.

  3. good day…

    how many pieces for minimum order?

    jacky from cebu…

  4. hello again sir/maam,

    can i mix up color and sizes?

    jacky from cebu…

  5. Sir Good Pm po, i am planning to start a small business dn po sir, silkscreen tshirt printing.. gs2 ko sana po sanyo n lng ako kkuha n tshirt, tutal taga-marikina dn po ako.. my minimum order po b?? and about po sa pricing wholesale npo b yan price? ngtxt po ko sanyo d p kyo reply.. w8 ko n lng po.. ingat po..

  6. By any chance, is there a shop where I can buy your shirts?

    I plan on buying retail for personal use…



    Good day!

    Do you have a dealer here in Cebu?

  8. Nice quality shirts..easy to deal with..

    two thumbs up talaga..lalu na kay sir ferdie na nag effort talaga para mai deliver yung mga order

    kong shirts…Salute sa inyuh… 🙂

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