Garment Assembly 

With the capacity of 110,000 pieces output, . Presently, there are  over 40 machines working full time and  skilled professionals which guarantees timely and quality delivery. The company is engaged in manufacturing of various garments, from  Tshirts, poloshirts, polo, pants, shorts, outdoor shorts, pajamas, kid’s wear and some ladies wear.


15 heavy duty, computerized, large embroidery equipment with 20 heads each can emboss  thousands in a day. Operations only requires minimal professional staffing which reduces significant cost compare to other companies.

  • Printing

From plain, rubberized,  and metallic silk screen printing, we also have all kind of printing inlcuding the special effect printing like hi-density printing, foil printing, flock printing, emboss and heat transfer. Printing are done both manually and/or computerized rotary silkscreen printing technology, whichever is needed.

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  1. i am interested in a bulk order of t-shirts of different colors with different prints on them , is that possible ?

  2. ricard siasoco

    very very happy with the shirts! tnx cutton garment

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