Cutton Garments named the No. 1 Uniform Supplier

Company continues multi-year ascent for best ranking to date

Cutton Garments, an industry leader in the supply and manufacturing of uniforms,  and workwear,  throughout the Philippines and Southeast Asia, has again secured a position of No.1 by Philippine Top Choice Awards for Excellence 2017’s annual list of 20 Best Companies.

Philippine Top Choice Awards

Good Businessess ensure their energy is focused on giving exceptional services and learned to be more competitive to gain customer’s acceptance and support. They seek out and develop talented, free thinking people with the imagination and initiative to make a difference. They encourage involvement at all levels of the business so the clients and customers are impressed at the commitment they give. Great business such as Cutton Garments, go further. They look to provide the products and services others want to buy in a sustainable way. They use profit no just to pay themselves and employ staff but to invest in the future. To be known in the Market place, they get involved with different business and marketing programs leading to customer’s satisfaction to meet their needs and demands. It is this level of achievement that these wards set out to acknowledge and reward.

The PHILIPPINE TOP CHOICE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE seek to acknowledge companies, products and services that promotes best business practices leading to consumer welfare, consumer protection, product quality and consumer services. This commendation highlights the art of competitiveness and excellence in business and trade to further enhance and improve products and services. Companies, products and services that are selected for the PHILIPPINE TOP CHOICE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE are conferred the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE as a way of promoting the best interests and welfare of consumers, a modest step towards helping promote nation-building and national development.

The PHILIPPINE TOP CHOICE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE is organized by the Philippine Top Choice awards Council and the Top Choice Magazine.

Recipients that are selceted for the Philippines Top Choice Awards are chosen based on:


Cutton Garments performs its intended function for a given period of time under given set of conditions


Cutton Garments delivers consistently of high value experience. Day after day, year, regardless of happens to be on the front line of delivery process


The Company observes good ethical principles


Cutton Garments gets to their clients through marketing strategy. The benefits of greater customer intimacy for company includes highly tailored problem solving capabilities and greater adaption of products to customer needs as well as higher customer loyalty levels.


the company products and services observes authenticity and reliability


The selection Process

Companies, products, brands, services must qualify in the criteria used based on the market research and survey made by the research team. The company being chosen will have the privilege to be recognized  in the PHILIPPINE TOP CHOICE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE and is conferred the “Seal of Excellence”.

Selection are based on nomination from independent body of different industry category. Market Research  and survey was conducted by the survey group through strreet interview. Word of Mouth personal and Telephone interviews and focused group discussions. Panel of judges shortlisted the companies for each award.




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